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Dangerous Stairs SAFE Again and Reclaim Your Freedom with a Stair Lift

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Potentially Bypass Serious Injury

The stairway are just one of the very dangerous places at home, plus one drop can lead to a serious injury that may considerably hinder you for years. You can add many added years to your own life, and relish your family and grandkids for much longer by preventing falling on the stairway. Avoid breaking a hip, knee or back using a fall down the stairway.

Remain in Your Portland House Much Longer

With a new stair lift you’ll manage to stay in your Portland house for much longer, without needing to go to a fresh and unfamiliar place. It makes going up and down the stairs will let you stay in the Maine home you adore for years more than you normally could, and every day a fun action instead of a painful one.

Increase Value to Your Portland House

Mobility and availability gear already set up on your house will be an important asset as the baby boomer population continues to get older. It will make your house more precious, and be bought faster in the event that something occurs. A fresh elevator can greatly raise your Portland home’s value.


Does having to take the staircase at home make you wish you had the same choice to take the elevator whenever you’re in a public place, just like you do?

Do you procrastinate since you get frustrated that your list of matters to do is longer and then can not get up the stairway?

Does the extra assist you to supply your aged parent or dependent appear too risky and overwhelming when it comes to following them up and down the stairs?

Has the idea of having to assemble an additional bedroom on the first floor or move to one floor dwelling crossed your mind?

Here at Cain’s Mobility ME , we understand that making home modifications may appear out of the question, as it seems impossible or unaffordable. Staff and our professional installers simplify the procedure for remaining mobile for the elderly, disabled, or temporarily injured inhabitants of Portland.

Keep your Autonomy in Maine, as the stairs do not have to confine which part of the house you go to.

Unexpectedly having to deal with limiting your movements as a result of a disability or mature age can force you to lose your confidence. It can reduce the quality of your life. So you can stop letting those stairs destroy your day, that’s not mandatory with new technologies which can be set up on your house.

Plenty of people face the tough choice of how exactly to continue enjoy greater levels of dignity and to live in their home when facing mobility restrictions. Even if our bodies change with age, we are stuck with by our desire in order to get about and live an independent lifestyle.

Having to wait around for someone to assist you in routine tasks or getting to your own comfy bed can take its toll. The truth is, it’s one of the core values that health professionals focus on, making sure that they preserve a good sense of dignity and also admiration for a loved one facing these challenges.

No wonder, the desire for esteem and dignity actually develops more powerful when someone becomes sick, disabled, or challenged with freedom issues.

It’s not impossible that you have already decided to live at home, rather than an assisted living facility, despite needing to face a disability or age-related challenge coming your way.

Perhaps you’re not familiar with how installing a stairlift can help you maintain your accessibility to each area of your home.

Choose to place the thoughts of family members and friends at ease.

We worry about people who are closest to us. Peace of mind is an important element of living in an emotionally supportive manner. What happens to your own body, for example, dread that you experience with the loss of your mobility and freedom affects people you adore, and which includes friends, neighbors, co-workers and family.

When you have a stairlift correctly installed by our Portland team, then your loved ones can stop imagining the worst when you’re alone at home. They are able to feel more assured that you are getting about your home and they’re able to put to rest the idea of placing you into an unfamiliar setting at a care facility.

You can stay in your home, by giving your loved ones peace of mind as well as your family may enjoy the time with you, since you will have fewer things to worry about.

We all need to be cautious in our lives and that means paying attention to our current needs. If you’re prepared to fit a stairlift into your Portland residence, without altering the nature of your own home, our Maine team is prepared to install one in your home immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does it increase or decrease the value of my home?

The total value of your home won't depreciate. If you plan on selling your Portland dwelling, realtors used to recommend that a stairlift be removed prior to putting your house on the Maine market, nonetheless given increased life expectancy, this is no longer the case. You may even totally remove the stairlift with no signs of setup when you desire or no longer want it or move. Realtors can list the dwelling is appropriate for reachable independent living and that the stairlift is a high utility value for physically disabled people and if a purchaser wants it removed, then that chance is offered by them.

2) How much would a cheap one cost?

You can probably locate an affordable stairlift for about $1,000, but we additionally urge that you be cautious of scams. Some people have bought an extremely cheap unit and soon learned that there were defects in the unit once they got them home or they did not operate correctly. Quality is very important as you may wind up spending more to keep a low-cost purchase. To be able to discover an affordable alternative, consider purchasing used versions or letting one. Scroll through this page to see our guidance on searching for units that are affordable and finance options.

3) Can a stair lift go around corners?

Yes. Although straight stairlifts are generally much less expensive, curved stairlifts can be custom built to fit any stairway. Modern rail layouts to fit your lifestyle, leaving a lot of room for people to walk up and down the stairs, and smoothly can help the stairlift journey around corners closely, comfortably.

4) How are you supposed to run power to a stair lift?

Electric-power (AC) stairlifts require a grounded standard 110v/20 amp outlet found at or near the bottom or top of the stairs. Direct current, or battery powered (DC) stairlifts use batteries capable of being recharged. Plug in the DC powered stairlift to recharge the battery when it's not used. There are also DC powered units that empower the batteries to constantly charge while the DC power is used by the stairlift from the batteries. The battery operated stairlift will continue to run until it runs out of electricity, when there's a power outage. The DC stairlift WOn't run if the transformer burns out and you also should get the charger serviced.

5) Can you build one of these yourselves?

It certainly depends on your technical know-how. It's a very daunting process. Some people decide to make a home made stairlift, because their stairs are excessively narrow to utilize the ones in the marketplace or they are attempting to work on a tight budget. You can locate used stairlifts and save yourself from the hassle that is inherent and possible dangers of building one yourself. Some layouts are offered on the Internet, however, with no proper tools, materials and welding knowledge, this strategy may take quite a while to build along with lots of concerns. Additionally, when you compare shared design plans for a stairlift to buying a tried-and-true tested model that is, a home made variant and commercial models can not compete as far as appearance and compactness. It's a tough approach to go. Also, recall safety is really a headache for anybody who is going to rely on the lift, so it is critical that you do thorough testing and regular checking of your handiwork.

6) Are there any good options for used or recycled lifts in my area?

Yes. Reconditioned and recycled stairlifts are an alternative and are accessible. Custom designed curved stairlifts are less easy to resell, because the angles round the curves truly must be an extremely close match. A recycled stairlift is fundamentally good just because it is used and offers a lot of advantages. Many Maine stairlift companies buy back stairlifts and resell them used. A used stairlift resold and may have been removed, because the man who depended on the lift improved within their state, they moved, or the need for it was temporary. They cost considerably less than new versions. When buying a used lift, be sure to ask some questions. Inquire about the previous owner and their weight /height demands. We recommend that you do not purchase one which is 10 years old, because that model is close to retirement. You can shorten the length of tracks if required as mentioned before.

7) How are they powered?

Here's another remote to add to your set in the event you've ever fought for the remote. You can save energy by turning it off with the remote also when you are not using the stairlift. Stairlifts come in both battery powered (D/C) and electric (A/C) models. One factor is whether you reside in a location that experiences lots of power outages, because you don't want to be stranded mid-lift during a storm. (However, ask the manufacturer about the backup power system which should be contained in your model.) Also, consider the price of replacing the life of the battery and also the battery. Typically, determined by the brand, it costs $30-$160 to replace the battery or batteries . While some prefer electric models for reasons ranging from battery life to some device difficulties unique to battery versions, others prefer battery-powered stairlifts, since they can lead to lower electric bills, although the expense of the electricity to operate the stairlift has been considered negligible by the majority of manufacturers. You don't have to plug in a battery charger after every use, because the battery version still has a wall plug to keep the battery charged. Another thing to think about is the way mechanically inclined the user is, wires have to be disconnected and reconnected to fit the newest battery and as the seat and housing on some versions have to be removed. Sometimes, this becomes a service call to an installer to make life simpler. Ask for instructions and see if it's something that youwill wish to replace yourself. We'd be happy to help you out. Make certain there is a spark plug within several feet of the elevator if you decide on an electric model. No specific outlets are needed. Request the way to change the back up fuse on an electrical stairlift.

8) How much do they weigh?

The units are not light, which is one of the reasons we don't advocate attempting to install them yourself. The lightest units on the market weigh 165-180 pounds installed (seat and track). Some units weight over 250 pounds installed. Seat assemblies and trails come in different sizes and shapes and are made of several types of substances determined by its best features and the model.

9) How much does a good stair lift cost?

The price averages around $3,500 to over $10,000 for a good stairlift. that is Rental and aid programs are available. $6,000 and for a custom curved rail staircase costs are around $10,000. for a straight flight of stairs seem to spend between $2,500 While others do not contain installment in the cost, some products are sold as complete packages including installment and a warranty. The shape of the stairwell, the span of the seat fashion, the path, job, and the attributes you need decide the price.

10) Is there any way to sell the equipment when we are done with it?

Yes. There are manufacturers and providers that offer buy-back plans. A lot of them will remove the unwanted lift also. A lot of people want to purchase reconditioned stairlifts, so the demand is there. Many buyers don't like to purchase directly from a seller, whether it'll work on their stairs and because they should have it checked out by a professional to determine how well it functions. Particular versions sell more easy than others.

11) About how long does it take to fully install one of these lifts in my Portland home?

A fitting can take between 1-2 hours for straight stairs. A Maine professional will install the rail first, followed by the motor and the seat. Proper setup includes once it's been examined after the fitting walking you through the attributes of your new stairlift. A fitting for a curved stairlift can take up to a half day.

12) Can the track be shortened?

Yes. The tracks could be adjusted and the span can be reduced. However, using the right personal protective gear is highly advised. Some producers of supply that is stairlifts do it yourself cutting directions. Here's the catch. The track discovers how well the stairlift will run. Ensuring that you get the span of the staircase to correspond together with the course length is highly essential. Without appropriate measurements, you may realize that the setup results in more problems rather than relying on professional installers with experience. If you cut on the paths erroneously, you might have trouble returning them depending on the yield policy. Most manufacturing companies will only accept returns if the track has not been cut, because the cut of the course is custom designed. We highly advise that you really do not install your own stairlift or cut the trail yourself. It's not too safe. An incorrect shortening of the wrong length of course or the course can prove awfully dangerous, especially when the track is not too long. It is crucial that the tracks along with the seat work just. Accredited installers will save you from lots of headaches and stress and harms that are awful are prevented by possible.

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